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Custom modifications for any make or model of 4x4.

Off Road Specialists

Alton 4x4 specialise in off-road vehicle modifications - We have a huge range of experience across different types of 4x4s and we can provide an array of options to get your 4×4 modified exactly how you want it.


Are you ready for your next adventure?

We live for adventure, but understand they are always better when you are prepared! If you enjoy tackling rough driving conditions you need a 4WD that is equipped to handle the terrain – at Alton 4x4 we offer a range of popular and custom modifications to suit your vehicle and your adventures.

Here are our top 4x4 modifications

For many 4x4 drivers the standard version of their vehicle is capable for the daily commute or weekend wander, but for those of us who need a real off-road experience there are a number of modifications that can really help get the most out of your 4x4 and ensure it is capable of handling any trail experience.


Tyres with a deep tread are one of the first (and easiest) modifications to make to your vehicle.  Off road all terrain tyres will help keep your grip on mud, ice, snow or sand.


An essential when you are tackling wet or sandy trails.  The snorkel protects the engine by drawing water from a high level.

Air Filters

True off road vehicles deal with a lot more dirt and dust than the average 4x4. Air filters help keep the engine clear of debris and keep you moving.


If you regularly off road then you will know that a winch is one of the most important modifications that every 4x4 needs. How many times have you had to winch another vehicle out of a sticky situation or remove an object from your path ?


You might not be towing anything when you set off, but you might be on the way home!  At hitch provides a solid tow point if you need to give someone a ride back, and also offers a mounting point for a bike rack, spare tyre or any other accessories you might need on your trip.

Light bar

Night time off roaders will appreciate a wider field of vision. Spot or flood lights offer a more intense light beyond your headlights – go for a higher lumen for the brightest light on your night trails.

Lift Kit

On uneven terrain ground clearance is vital to navigate obstacles and avoid unnecessary damage to your radiator, engine pan, and drivetrain.


Heavy-duty springs, hardware, and bushings will strengthen your vehicle and make your off road experience more enjoyable.

Skid Plate

The smallest rock could stop you in your tracks if it comes into contact with critical components on the underside of your 4x4. A skid plate offers an abrasion resistant armour to protect the underbelly of your vehicle from impact or debris.

Bull Bar

Sometimes an obstacle just needs nudging out of the way –a heavy duty (fully UK road legal) bull bar will help keep your front end damage free.

Paint Work

We have an in-house painter to carry out complete colour change resprays or bespoke detailing on paintwork.

Quality Modifications from the team that love off roading.

At Alton 4x4 we pride ourselves on superior workmanship – we only use top quality parts from trusted manufacturers for your modifications. Make sure that you are ready for your next adventure, by preparing your 4×4 to be equipped for anything.


Alton 4x4 have a in-house painter to carry out all of your bodywork needs. From little bumper scuffs to full resprays alloy wheel repairs.

  • Extensive panel repair

  • Dents

  • Complete colour changes

  • Detailing on paintwork

Please feel free to get in contact with us for quotations. All paintwork comes fully guaranteed.

Alton 4x4

Any modification, any vechicle

If you are actively competing or driving off road regularly as we do you will know that you need a reliable vehicle and reliable technician to ensure your 4x4 is maintained to the best standards. Our team is synonymous with high quality work and are passionate about very job. Among our modifications we also offer:

  • Battery charge & monitoring systems

  • Air conditioning installation

  • Welding & rust treatment

  • Roof Racks

  • Roof vents

  • Roll bars

  • Vehicle racking

  • Exhaust systems

  • Body armour

  • Side steps

  • Hot water systems

  • Window Tint


Get in touch with our team to discuss your modifications and make sure your vehicle is fully equipped for your next adventure. Our experienced technicians can modify all makes and models of 4x4 including Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Jeep and more.


Speak to our team about your 4x4 modification requirements.