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  • off road recovery winch

    4×4 Winch

    At Alton 4×4 some of our clients use their 4×4 for day to day transport, whilst others like to test the full limits of their vehicles off road. There are many ways to modify your vehicle that will allow you to take your off-roading capabilities to the next level and get the full 4×4 experience....

  • wheel bearing replacement

    Wheel Bearing Replacement

    This Discovery 3 was booked in for some major works. The front wheel bearings needed replacing, we also changed the timing belt kit and oil pumps, then carried out an auto gearbox mega flush. What is a wheel bearing? The wheel bearing is located in the wheel hub and is a crucial part of the...

  • Land Rover Re-spray

    Land Rover Re-Spray

    There are many reasons you may want to respray your Land Rover. Your vehicle may have been damaged in an accident or perhaps you own a classic car and wish to restore it to prime condition....

  • Dodge Ram 3500

    Dodge Ram 3500

    This beautiful 3500 mega cab was brought to us from a new client with gear box issues and problems with the front lights. We carried out full service including re-balancing the prop shafts. Dodge Ram 3500 mega cab 5.9 Cummins All vehicles, from Mini Coopers to Dodge Ram’s are powered by the prop shaft. A...

  • dodge ram repairs

    Dodge Ram – Common Repairs

    Whilst the Dodge Ram is one of our all-time favourite off roaders and a cult classic, like all popular vehicles there are a number of issues to keep on top of. Overall, the Ram is a robust and reliable truck, yet there are a few common issues which all owners should be aware of to...

  • Mega Flush Auto Gear Box

    Auto Gearbox Mega Flush

    This Discovery 3 was booked in for a full service including a gearbox mega flush. What is a Mega Flush? A mega flush is an industry standard service that completely ‘flushes” out old transmission fluid in the internal gearbox,  removing built up contaminants, and replaces with new, clean transmission fluid with fresh detergents. Why carry...

  • Alton Classic Car Show

    Alton Classic Car Show 2021

    There was one vehicle that really stood out at this weekends Alton Classic Car Show – our very own Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Mega Cab. Sponsored by our sister company AJ Land Rover our team spent the day answering questions about one of the most popular vehicles at the event – people were lining...

  • Discovery Air Suspension Fault

    Discovery Air Suspension Fault

    The Discovery 4 utilises the modern airbag suspension system. EAS (Electronic Air Suspension) allows the user to control the air springs by inflating and deflating according to the terrain and conditions. This Disco was booked in with an air suspension problem. Our technicians found that the fault code indicated an issue on the offside rear height...

  • EGR Replacement

    EGR Replacement

    This Range Rover booked in for oil cooler and oil cooler gaskets replacement, EGR replacement and oil and filter change. What is an EGR valve? The EGR system (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) in engines is used to help regulate vehicle emissions.  EGR recirculates a fraction of the exhaust gases back to the engine cylinders and lowers...

  • Land Rover Chassis

    Land Rover Chassis Replacement

    As part of a rebuild project on this Land Rover G4 TD5 we replaced the chassis with a new galvanised frame.  The original chassis for the Discovery 2 has a weakness to rot near the rear fuel tank and rear axle mounts. Being the load-bearing framework to mount the tyres, axle assemblies, gear box, steering...

  • ECU Remapping Alton 4x4

    ECU Remapping

    This Land Rover defender was booked in for an Empire ECU remap. At Alton 4×4 we provide a variety of upgrades including custom car remapping with Empire Tuning.  The process makes the vehicle more driveable, eliminates flat spots and smooths the torque curve out.  Once complete you can expect to increase your BHP which will...

  • Clutch replacement Land Rover TD5

    Clutch Replacement Land Rover TD5

    A TD5 booked in for a LOF operated Kevlar clutch replacement. At LOF Clutches are designed & engineered as Long Life and High Performance alternatives to the factory-fitted Land Rover clutch for the Defender, Range Rover, Discovery and Series vehicles. Designed specifically for the Tdi TD5 and Tdci Engines, the LOF clutch is designed  to be heavy...

  • Land Rover Discovery 3 Off Road Preparation

    Discovery 3 Off Road Preparation

    The Alton 4×4 team love off roading – so we were delighted when this Discovery 3 was booked in for some off road preparation. Three engine variants were developed for the Discovery 3 – 4.4 litre petrol V8, a 2.7 litre TDV6, and the 4.0 litre Cologne V6 petrol (US only). Along with an upgraded...

  • Land Rover winch truck

    Land Rover Winch Truck Challenger

    Our crew are passionate about what they do – between them they own Defenders, Range Rovers and Discovery’s of all ages.  This winch truck has become a favourite of lead technician Archie and is taken on many of the teams weekend adventures. Starting life as a Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5, this truck was chopped...

  • Land Rover Defender 110 Rear Shock Replacement

    Land Rover Defender 110 Rear Shock Replacement

    The Land Rover Defender 110 is a big car with surprising cornering ability and fast steering, making it an enjoyable ride – so it’s no surprise that this car’s rear shock absorbers were due to be replaced after considerable mileage. Shock absorbers should always be replaced in pairs to avoid uneven handling issues. Shock absorbers...


Head technician Archie has spent the last 10 months restoring this G4 Edition Discovery 2. Land Rover produced just eight Borrego Yellow G4 Edition Discovery 2s, so this was a rare find and a great opportunity for Archie to showcase his years of experience working with Land Rovers. The restoration and rebuild project was featured in Land Rover Owner International magazine.

"Archie and Jason set out to achieve a showroom-fresh finish with the project and they’ve certainly achieved that."

"Setting up an independent Land Rover Business from scratch and equipping it’s brand-new workshop would keep most people fully occupied, but not Archie Buchannan…I asked a few friends in the Land Rover scene if they of any interesting vehicles that might make a good project; and one of them told me that he knew of a Discovery 2 on a farm in Winchester.

Land Rover produced just eight Borrego Yellow G4 Edition Discovery 2, so you can understand Archie’s excitement at finding one of them."

"If we're going to do it, we're going to do it right."

"Everything on the suspension is brand-new right down to the brake caliper cradles and sliders. Top and bottom ball joints are brand-new, both diffs have been overhauled and brand-new compressor lines used because we were building the chassis from the ground up. The axle castings are original, but the innards have all been checked in detail and fully overhauled.

The Disco 2 had covered only 141,000 miles in its life, which for a Td5 is about middle age. Even so, Archie completely stripped down the engine and five-speed R380 gearbox before rebuilding both; he was taking nothing for granted."

"Archie and Jason built a brand-new galvanised rolling chassis and fitted a mountain of new parts before putting the body back on. We then ran the rebuilt engine up to temperature to check everything was spot on. The entire braking system as overhauled with new lines and flexi hoses.

Archie then decided to put the Disco 2 through a full geometry check to make sure that everything was to factory spec because the whole front suspension had been rebuilt with new steering bars, drag link and ball joints and everything had been re-bushed."

Feature & Photo credit: Land Rover Owner International

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