Auto Gearbox Mega Flush

This Discovery 3 was booked in for a full service including a gearbox mega flush.

What is a Mega Flush?

A mega flush is an industry standard service that completely ‘flushes” out old transmission fluid in the internal gearbox,  removing built up contaminants, and replaces with new, clean transmission fluid with fresh detergents.

Why carry out a Mega Flush? 

Automatic transmissions on modern Land Rovers and Range Rovers have been developed to maximise fuel economy and minimise emissions – optimal performing transmission helps to provide smooth gear changes and a more enjoyable drive.

Transmission fluids are a high-quality oil with a chemical additive pack including anti- wear and corrosion inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, anti-oxidation additives, detergents, cold flow improvers, high temperature thickeners and friction modifiers.  The fluids are created to the specific requirements of the transmission of your vehicle make and model.

Constant friction generated by the clutch plates increases the temperature of the transmission fluid reducing the ability of the fluid to protect and lubricate – detergents become less effective, causing acid, rust and sludge to build up in the fluid. Even ‘lifetime’ transmission fluids degrade over time.

The best way to prevent issues with your automatic transmission is to ensure you periodically change your transmission fluid to avoid to corrosion and ultimately transmission failure which can be costly to replace.

What are the advantages of a Mega flush?

Changing transmission fluid at regular intervals by booking your vehicle in for a Mega Flush will extend the life of your transmission and prevent gearbox issues. Regular transmission fluid exchange helps:

  • Enable smooth gear changes
  • Enable good heat dispersion
  • Reduce wear on clutch plates
  • Keep system clean from sludge formation.

Land Rover and Range Rover models are well known for experiencing automatic gearbox issues which can develop from approx. 80k miles.  By booking in for a regular Mega Flush this will help prolong the life of transmission and avoid premature transmission failure. 

Transmission drain vs flush

A traditional transmission fluid change just drains out the old fluid, leaving around 60% of the oil (and contaminants) behind in the pipes and torque convertor – which is why we recommend a complete transmission fluid exchange for your Land Rover or Range Rover. The Mega Flush exchanges 100% of oil in the transmission system including the gearbox, torque converter, oil cooler and hoses to help keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

When should I book a Mega Flush?

Whilst there is no fixed rule of how often your vehicle should have a complete change of transmission fluids, a Mega Flush exchange should be viewed as a regular maintenance procedure to protect and maintain transmission longevity and to ensure your vehicle performs at its best.

Don’t leave it until your experience gear engagement issues or a ‘shudder’ when the torque converter clutch applies – by this point damage could be irreversible.  Book in for a Mega Flush following your service schedule to prevent issues and prolong the life of your gearbox. Call: 01420 259015