Off Roading


At Alton 4x4 we LOVE off-roading. We can think of nothing better to do than mess about in the mud.

Off Road Cars

4x4’s are the ultimate vehicles to handle off-road conditions – they offer extended ground clearance, specialist tyres and drive-train.


When we're not working with them - we're driving in them! Here's what we get up to outside of the workshop.


As off road specialists we are able to offer knowledge and expertise alongside our excellent value repairs, servicing and modifications for all off road vehicles. Please call us on: 01420 259015 so we can discuss how we can help you.

Off Roading In The UK

If you're an adrenaline junkie then off road driving is an unbeatable experience. It’s not about speed – it requires skill, control and nerve! The experienced off roader knows how to approach an obstacle, find the best traction, and to when apply the brakes or throttle.

As any off roader will tell you – driving off road is fun and hugely satisfying. You get to see some stunning trails and breath-taking scenery, but best of all you get to experience an adventure. Advanced drivers can test their riding ability on varied terrain and steep inclines – but the UK has plenty to offer all driver levels.


Around the byways of the UK are a wide variety of off road driving opportunities. These un-surfaced lanes, tracks or trails are open for vehicles to use, but it is always best to check when plotting a route that the Byway is open for use and unrestricted. You made find that a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) has been placed on a byway because it has become unsuitable for vehicles to use, either from damage by overuse - sometimes a seasonal TRO may be appplied.

Despite often being overgrown and unmanaged (that’s the point right?) Byways Open To All Traffic (BOAT’s) or Unclassified Country Roads (UCR) (aka green lanes) are classed as public highways so you still need to ensure you have tax, MOT and insurance and a current driving license.


Alton has some of the best byways in Hampshire for off roading.  The woodland and stretch of the River Rother near Empshot offer a picturesque and varied challenge.


The byways around Hindhead (Devils Punch Bowl), Normandy, Tilford and Frensham offer some great off road tracks.

Hampshire/Wiltshire boarder

There is a network of challenging tracks on either side of the A36 and A303 around Amesbury.


Off road driving on the Salisbury Plain training area.

Alton 4x4

Byway Etiquette

Off roading is one of the best ways to experience the glorious British countryside. If you want to enjoy the right to use Byways, and do it legally and safely, there are a few simple things you can do.

  • Only drive Byways that have known, proven vehicular rights - check relevant Ordnance Survey map

  • Cross check with the relevant local county council's map as OS maps may be outdated.

  • Do NOT stray from the track

  • Stop for walkers or horses

  • Don’t damage trees or hedgerows

  • Keep to a maximum of four vehicle convoys

  • Do not travel alone

  • Ensure you have recovery gear

  • Ensure you have a fully charged phone

  • Supervise dogs and children.


Muddy Mayhem

Muddy Mayhem offer 4x4 off roading experiences throughout the UK at various sites in the south East including, Aldermaston, Ashford, Horsham and Milton Keynes.

Piccadilly Wood

An off-roading centre near Hayward's Heath covering 40 acres - open on the fourth Sunday of every month.

Forster Racing School

Forster Racing School provide off road driving experiences on site near Chichester using their Rage Buggies and Ford RST.

Goodwood Off-Road Driving

A classic 1960’s Land Rover Off-Road Driving Experience through rutted off-road tracks at Goodwood Motor Circuit.

All Terrain Services

Based near Andover All Terrain Services provide professional training alongside driver experiences.

John More 4x4 Driving

Specialists in 4x4 owner-driver days at a dedicated off-road site at Slindon in West Sussex.

Mud Mania

Off road mud buggy racing experience in the ‘wilds of West’ Sussex countryside.