Land Rover Re-Spray

There are many reasons you may want to respray your Land Rover. Your vehicle may have been damaged in an accident or perhaps you own a classic car and wish to restore it to prime condition.

Cost to Re-spray a car

The cost of respraying your car will vary depending on the size of the job (single panel or full body re-spray, scratch and chip repair) and whether extensive prep work is required.

Some vehicles may only need a bumper respray, or a touch up. Others may require a full car respray. If you want a bespoke finish, for example more than one colour on specific sections of the car – this may cost more.

At Alton 4×4 we provided a complete re-spray service for all vehicles and all requirements. Whether you need to get a minor scuff repaired on your bumper, or want a bespoke full respray, contact the team on: 01420 259015

Preparing a car to respray

When spraying a car the best finish can be achieved by painting on a smooth surface, so your garage may advise to first repair any dents, scratches or chips.  Having a clean and well-prepared surface will ensure the longevity of the paint work and prevent the paint from degrading and flaking prematurely.  Depending on the job, your vehicle may need etch priming and priming, plus sanding down.

Once the surface of the vehicle is prepped and trims covered or removed the next task is to cover windows, sunroofs and lights. This will give the paintwork a sharp finish and ensure the paint only goes where it is supposed to. The next stage is the fun bit – respraying your vehicle! This can dramatically change the look of your 4×4 so it is worth taking through with your technician what finish you wish to achieve – whether you want to restore to the original colour or are opting for a custom finish.  Finally applying a topcoat and lacquer, buffing and polishing will complete the job.

Land Rover Classic Respray

This Range Rover classic was booked in for paintwork on the whole front end and roof. The customer requested Land Rover Santorini black for the roof.  We used a re-spray booth to enclose the car and avoid the paint surface attracting dust or particles.  The end result was a perfect unblemished finish, with an even sheen.  

If you want to book a re-spray get in touch with the Alton 4×4 team to book an appointment on 01420 259015