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Cars have thousands of component parts, some of which require changing on a frequent basis to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe.

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Each wheel on your car has a set of brake pads, brake discs and brake callipers. Brake pads are a component of the braking system that are continually put under stress every time you slow down or come to a halt. The brake pads create friction to enable your vehicle to stop. Fitted to either side of the calliper facing the disc brake rotor – the brake pad applies pressure to the brake rotors to slow and stop the rotation of the wheel. Composed of steel backing plates with friction material on the the surface the brake pad in in constant use – if you hear a harsh metallic grinding sound when you apply your brakes it means your brake pad has worn through and your car should not be driven until the brake pads are replaced.

Signs Your Brake Pads Need Changing

To avoid your car being becoming unsafe you should replace your brake pads around every 40,000 miles (depending on driving conditions). There are some early warning signs that might alert you to issues with your brake pads before your schedules service which will help make diagnosis and repairs easy.

  • Persistent squeaking from brakes

  • Grinding metal sound

  • Vibrations when applying brake

  • Brake pedal feels bouncy

  • Brakes are slow to respond

  • Burning smell



If you experience any of these issues get in touch with the Alton 4×4 team – we can inspect your brakes pads to see if they require replacing. Brake repairs at a main dealer dealership often cost more than an independent garage – at Alton 4×4 we offer the equivalent service for a more competitive price. Call us today to book your next service.


Based in Alton, Hampshire we are easily accessed via the A31 – but if you prefer we offer a collection and delivery service for Fleet and the surrounding areas. Call us on 01420 259015 to find out more.


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As an independent garage we are able to offer excellent value repairs to a high standard for all 4 Wheel Drive vehicles. Please call us on: 01420 259015 so we can discuss how we can help you.