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We offer a full range of servicing, repairs and modifcations for any make or model of 4X4 covering the Godalming area.

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At Alton 4×4 we have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure we can identify and resolve your mechanical issues efficiently.  Sometimes there are early warning signs that can alert you to a problem and get it resolved by one of our highly trained technicians.

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Your fuel filter helps protect your fuel pump and injectors from dirt and rust particles, ensures your engine receives clean fuel and also assists your car in achieving higher fuel-efficiency – but how do you know when fuel filter needs changing?

Your fuel filter should be replaced at least every 2 years or between 20,000 – 40,000 miles. Fuel filters are cartridges containing filter paper that screens out debris when fuel is passed through the filtration system. Some new cars have don’t use this type of filter and instead the whole unit is replaced, or they uses a filter system attached directly to the pump. In modern engines tolerances are very tight so if you don’t replace your filter at appropriate intervals you can cause damage to your vehicle that would be costly to repair.

Signs Your Fuel Filter Needs Changing

There may be some early warnings signs that your fuel filter is clogged, but the quickest way to tell if your fuel filter needs replacing is to have your garage carry out a fuel pressure test.

  • Knocking or ticking sound due to low engine pressure may indicate a clogged fuel filter.

  • Car is shuddering – can be a sign of a partially clogged fuel filter.

  • Car looses power on an incline – a blocked filter can be preventing fuel from efficiently reaching the engine.

  • Car wont start – this can be due to a number of issues, but could be a sign of a severely blocked fuel filter.

  • Engine Misfires.



If you experience any of these issues get in touch with the Alton 4×4 team – we can carry out a fuel pressure test to see if your fuel filter needs changing. Prevention is always better than cure so we highly recommend that you book you 4×4 in at regular service intervals to ensure your car is running at its optimum and potential faults are detected early to avoid damage to your vehicle.


Based in Alton, Hampshire we are easily accessed via the A31 – but if you prefer we offer a collection and delivery service for Godalming and the surrounding areas. Call us on 01420 259015 to find out more.


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