Project Defender 90 Td5

Describe as ‘fun to drive and fantastic off road’ by Autocar, the Defender 90 Td5 is a classic workhorse. 

With Defenders weighing up to 2 tonnes they need a strong engine – however their reputation for durability often means they are driven like a tank which over time can take it’s toll on the engine.

This iconic Defender was brought in for an engine rebuild and Stage 2 remap – which will provide an increase in power and torque giving a more responsive drive.  The client also required a replacement 1.22 transfer box – this transfers power from the gearbox to drive the propshafts of the front and rear axles synchronizing the difference between the rotation.

To increase turbo performance without modifying the engine bay we installed a hybrid turbo which meant we could retain the housing but upgrade the core internals.  And finally we replace the clutch with a LOF three-piece kit. LOF clutches are a long life, high performance alternative to the factory-fitted Land Rover clutch with ranges designed specifically for the Tdi, TD5 and Tdci Engines.

  • Hybrid turbo Core
  • LOF three-piece clutch kit with solid flywheel
  • 1.22 transfer box
  • Full engine rebuild
  • Stage 2 remap

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