Discovery 3 Off Road Preparation

The Alton 4×4 team love off roading – so we were delighted when this Discovery 3 was booked in for some off road preparation.

Three engine variants were developed for the Discovery 3 – 4.4 litre petrol V8, a 2.7 litre TDV6, and the 4.0 litre Cologne V6 petrol (US only). Along with an upgraded gearbox the Discovery 3 is thought to be one of the best all-round 4×4’s available –the Terrain Response drive modes which configures engine management, gear selection, differential control and ride height selection to suit the surface along with the fully independent suspension system makes off-roading accessible to all.  The owner of this Discovery wanted to add some upgrades and modifications to prepare it for some serious off road adventures.

Project details:

  • Snorkel fitted
  • Terrafirma winch fitted with isolator
  • Light guards front and rear
  • LED light bar
  • Raised suspension for more ground clearance
  • Oil and filter and a 28 point check
  • New front disks and pads
  • New rear brake calipers and pads clean and re-adjust inboard handbrake shoes
  • New centre prop shaft bearing
  • Lightbar fitment

If you are considering buying a Discovery 3 there are a number of things to be aware of.

  • Engine: Check the service history – ensure that the TD6’s EGR valves have been replaced.
  • Electrics: Check doors, tailgate and latch mechanisms, air-con compressor, crankshaft positioning sensor and infotainment.
  • Gearbox
  • Brakes
  • Suspension

If you do need assistance once you have purchased a Discovery 3 get in touch with our team – we offer Empire Tuning remapping to boost power and torque and can carry out service or repairs.

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